Dokeos Evaluation

DOKEOS EVALUATION makes it easy to track your participants’ skills development using mixed learning features. Online and offline options are available.

  • Organize your exams online or on paper
  • Develop an effective evaluation strategy
  • Certify results with documentation and printable certificates
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DOKEOS EVALUATION allows you to set up objective, online assessments as well as incorporate in-person, hard-copy exam results

  • Accurately assess aquired skills: Create questions in online or hard-copy formats

    • Test the knowledge of training course participants by two methods: on paper or online.
    • Save hard-copy exam scores onto the portal and integrate them into the final results for each student.
    • Create quizzes using DOKEOS MANAGER to develop your assessments
  • Structured evaluation: ensures your tests are administered fairly

    • Give each of your students the same chance for success. DOKEOS EVALUATION can display quiz questions in a randomized order each time
    • Easily manage the time allocated to participants for the exam
    • View your students’ progress in real time during the test.
  • Certification: analyze results and celebrate the success of course participant with printable certificates and documentation

    • Access detailed test results using the in-built DOKEOS EVALUATION reporting tool.
    • Email your students to invite them to take the next level or, if necessary, repeat the evaluation.
    • Reward participants who pass the final assessment with a personalized certification using the DOKEOS EVALUATION certificate editor.

  • DOKEOS EVALUATION is the main tool for assessing the skills of course participants following training.

    With online and offline options available, DOKEOS EVALUATION lets you track your participants’ skills development using mixed learning features such as online and face-to-face

    • Design exercises using the DOKEOS MANAGER quiz tool
    • Administer training or certification quizzes at different stages of the training to test the skill development of participants
    • Test your participants with online or offline paper exams
    • Determine the period of validity for your tests
  • Accompany your participants throughout the evaluation

    • Set the minimum score to succeed and earn the examination certificate
    • Write and send invites for students to retake exams, offer customized feedback on results
    • Offer unsuccessful participants the opportunity to retake exams
    • Award printed certificates of completion at the end of the exam
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  • What is the difference between a quiz and an evaluation?

    The quiz is training-based. It is part of on-going training and directly followed by feedback. The student immediately knows the results.By contrast, the evaluation contributes to final results. Although it takes the form of a quiz, the results can only be accessed by the trainer. Unlike quizzes, the evaluation can only be taken once.The quiz is a creation module associated with DOKEOS MANAGER. To transform a formative quiz into an evaluation, DOKEOS EVALUATION is required.

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